Degreasers & Floor Cleaners

Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of degreasers to meet any need.

We understand each customer has unique needs and requirements when deciding on which product will best accomplish the task. Through the years we have developed many different degreasers to supply our customers with the perfect product for their application.

The diversity of needs and the development of technologies has resulted in a line of degreasers that outperform the competition. Spend a few minutes browsing through our list of degreasers by clicking on the product name to view a short description of the product. A link under the description will take you to a detailed tech data sheet in PDF format.

Take a look at these brochures to learn more about our Degreasers and Floor Soaps.

Degreasers & Floor Soaps

Heavy Duty caustic cleaner/degreaser for oils and greases. Excellent for meat cutting areas, bakery equipment, food hauling trailers. Also designed to be a great floor scrubber soap.


Outstanding general purpose cleaner for use on machinery, walls, floors, food processing equipment, vinyl and most industrial surfaces. It quickly penetrates and suspends greases and oils from their surfaces for easy removal.


This versatile soap outperforms the competition and is completely safe. Contains no caustics, acids, phenols, petroleum solvents, chlorinated/ fluorinated solvents or butyls. Can be used to clean engines, frames, garage floors, driveways, tractors, lawn mowers, vehicles and is excellent for removing black streaks on RVs. Power-Solve is also an effective detergent for residential house washing and commercial cleaning applications.


A high foaming, alkaline caustic cleaner designed to remove grease, oil, carbon stain and soot. Excellent for smokehouse and rendering plant applications. Also very effective on vent hoods for commercial restaurant cleaning.


Prep-Solv ushers in a new age of cleaner/degreasers. It contains no caustics, acids, phenols, petroleum solvents, chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or butyls, yet it is extremely effective in the removal of oils and other soils. When used in an automated system it assists the automated soaps in cleaning wheels, fuel over-run on tanks, grease and oil spots on trailers.